Our youth leaders are Daniel and Brittany Roberson. They have been leading the youth for about a decade. Most of the youth they started with are now graduated and have moved on. However, there are a few youth age kids that reside in the community that still attend meetings. The youth meet on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm and have met on Wednesdays at 6:00pm.

Daniel and Brittany teach mission-minded and missional philosophies to the youth. They demonstrate servants hearts by encouraging them to go to the OCC distribution center and to work in the community on service projects either individually or corporately. Daniel and Brittany have taught through several books of the Bible and taught apologetics to the youth so they would be prepared with a strong foundation in college and careers. Although our current group is small due to recent graduation, we are excited about those we have and how the group will grow in the future.

4th of July

Every year on Independence Day, a local man puts on a fireworks display that rivals any local display you may find. Our youth group mans a makeshift booth and passes out popcorn and water free of charge to whomever desires it. They do accept donations to help fund various activities. However, their primary purpose in this venture is to build relationships with those in the community and to share the Gospel with them.

Fort Caswell

Over the past several years, the youth have taken an annual retreat trip in the fall to Fort Caswell. The youth have come back from these trips on fire for Jesus. They increased the frequencies of their meetings by requesting to meet on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Multiple youth have also given their hearts to the Lord as a result of these trips.

Fort Caswell is owned and operated by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. You can visit their website by clicking this link or by viewing their page below.

Fort Caswell Trip

Fort Caswell Trip