Cooperative Program

As Southern Baptists, we believe in cooperating with each other to further the mission of the Gospel locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The effective premise is that if one church gives, we can accomplish a little but if many churches give, we can accomplish much. Therefore, we participate in a program where we cooperate or work collectively within an association, which cooperates with other associations to form a state convention. The state conventions cooperate nationally to form the Southern Baptist Convention. All of our cooperation is geared toward accomplishing common tasks from spreading the Gospel to serving others that are less fortunate. For more information see and

There are three main cooperative program offerings taken up through the year in Southern Baptist churches. There is an offering in the early fall that is for state missions. 100% of this offering from all the cooperating churches funds the state convention mission projects. For more information The Lottie Moon Christmas offering takes place during the Christmas season. 100% of this offering is for funding missionaries through IMB. For more information see The third main offering collected is at Easter and is the Annie Armstrong Easter offering. 100% of this offering is given to NAMB to fund North American Missionaries. For more information see For more information concerning the cooperative program, our association, the state convention or missions, please see the below websites. You can navigate the websites on our page as shown below or you can select the following links to open the websites in a separate tab.

North Roanoke Baptist Association:

North Carolina Baptist State Convention:

Southern Baptist Convention:

North American Mission Board:

International Mission Board:

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering: