Services & Times

Sunday School

Sunday School is a form of small group ministry and is vital to the growth and maturity of the believer. We gather together to corporately study the word of God with a specific curriculum and practical application (Col. 3:16).

Our Sunday School hour is scheduled at 10:00 every Sunday

Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship is typically the flagship service of any church. Inasmuch, this service is geared to accomplish multiple tasks.

  1. The worship service helps us to gather corporately for the edification of the body and is in fulfillment of scripture (Heb. 10:25, Mt. 18:20).

  2. The worship service gives us the opportunity to corporately offer praise and worship to the Lord (Ps. 150:1-6).

  3. The worship service gives us the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and consequently offer people the opportunity to publicly respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit (2 Ti. 4:2-5, 1 Cor. 1:17-31).

Our Sunday Worship service is scheduled at 11:00 every Sunday.

Bible Study

Bible Study occurs corporately once a week. During this time, the body of Christ can dive deeper into the word of God and have open discussion concerning various topics including but not limited to scriptural truth, hermeneutics, application of scripture and doctrine. The goal of this service is to give parishioners the opportunity to grow in their relationships with each other and individually with Christ.

Although corporate bible study is only held once a week, all parishioners are encouraged to engage the scriptures daily while seeking to grow in their walk with Christ (2 Ti. 2:15, Ps. 119:11, 105, 111, Ro. 15:4).

Our Bible Study is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 6:30.

Prayer Meeting

Corporate Prayer Meeting occurs once a week during Wednesday Bible Study. The purpose of this meeting is to update our prayer list with requests/praises and pray corporately for those listed. In addition, this gives an opportunity to engage in intercessory prayer as taught in scripture (Eph. 6:18, Ja. 5:14, Mt. 5:44, Ro. 10:1, Acts 12:5)

Our Prayer Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 6:30.